Project Workshop 2021


On June 7, 2021, this year's project workshop took place, which was held in the light of "Language at DKU". Among the participants were representatives of the two project offices as well as representatives of DKU, the partner universities and the DAAD.

The workshop was opened with greetings from Heinz-Peter Höller, DAAD project manager at the University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden, Gabriele Stauner, president of DKU and Wolrad Rommel, president-elect of DKU.

Two report blocks followed, which dealt with the current developments around the DKU and the project - current projects, scholarships, flying faculty, events, student numbers, salary reform etc.. Afterwards, Jens Wollenweber ("Logistics at DKU"), Rainer Sawatzki ("Center for Climate and Environment") and Irina Orynbassarova ("Accreditations") reported on special developments at DKU.

The second part of the event was then devoted to one of the core projects of the current DKU project "Language-Digitization-Transfer", language at DKU. This complex includes both the language training of DKU students and staff as well as the conception and introduction of a new degree program in "German as a Foreign Language" and the training and continuing education of teachers of German at DKU. This second part was rounded off by a short presentation by Bartholomäus Minkowski, DAAD Lektor in Almaty, on the role and challenges of teaching German as a foreign language.

Scholarship holders meeting 2021


On 20.04.2021 the double degree students of the academic year 2020/2021 gathered for a digital scholarship holders meeting to see each other, exchange experiences and report about their study stay in Germany under pandemic conditions.

The meeting opened with a presentation by Stefan Bienefeld, Head of Transnational Education and Cooperation Programs at the DAAD, introducing key aspects of transnational education and providing space for questions about the program.

This was followed by the evaluation of a survey that the project office undertook among the scholarship holders. It showed that all participants were coping well with their studies in Germany and were able to train their language skills intensively, but that the distance learning due to the pandemic made it difficult to get in touch with other fellow students.

DKU Project 2017-2020
A look back in pictures


The German-Kazakh University has developed magnificently since its foundation more than twenty years ago. According to a ranking by the Kazakh Chamber of Commerce ATAMEKEN, it is now the fifth best university in Kazakhstan.

This is a great success for all those in Almaty who have worked on it day in, day out. But it is also the result of German funding, financial support from the German Foreign Office and the DAAD, support from the university consortium, the commitment of the many guest lecturers and the DKU project.

This project has been worked on at Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences since 2017. At the end of last year, the first funding period came to an end. We have done a lot and will also document this in a factual proof of use. However, there were so many memorable occasions and beautiful moments that we decided to present the most important ones to you as a loock back in pictures, enjoy.

New DAAD project


The start of the new year sees the launch of the new DAAD project to support the German-Kazakh University. Under the title "Language–Digitalization–Transfer", the project offices in Schmalkalden and Almaty will be working on the further development of DKU over the next four years.

The first focal point, "Language," focuses on language training at DKU. The concepts for language training for students and staff are to be revised and expanded.

With the second focus "Digitalization", the project takes care of the most diverse digitalization measures at DKU – starting with the IT infrastructure to the automation of administration and library.

DKU is a strong partner when it comes to science transfer. Its strengths in this area are to be further expanded in the new project.